For more than 60 years, we have been educating top experts in the field of veterinary medicine, who are valued both at home and abroad.


Undergraduate Studies

A comprehensive Master’s degree programme in Veterinary Medicine. Become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


Postgraduate studies

Level 3 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Programs. Biomedicine and Environmental Protection.


Professional development

Training in the areas of Buiatrics, Poultry, Exotics, Small Animals and Food Safety.


Continuous education

Training for veterinary and non-veterinary workers.


Our highly trained veterinarians successfully treat all animals – from farm and wild animals to the most unusual pets.


Small Animals

We provide and develop specialist services for small animals. We also provide a 24-hour on-call service.


Birds, Small Mammals and Reptiles

We offer comprehensive services for the care of birds, small mammals and reptiles.


Large Animals and Reproduction

Treatment of diseases, fertility disorders and embryo transplantation in large animals.


Game, bees and aquaculture

Healthcare and breeding of game, bees and aquaculture.


Our highly trained experts carry out a wide range of various laboratory tests, which help in treating animals and providing safe food for animals and humans.


Preclinical Sciences

Veterinary morphology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and toxicology.


Microbiology and Parasitology

Diagnosis of infectious animal diseases using microbiological methods and state-of-the-art apparatus.


Safe Food, Feed and Environment

Microbiological and chemical tests of food of animal original, animal nutrition, welfare and the environment.



Pathology, forensic and administrative veterinary medicine, forensic toxicology and ecotoxicology.



Research into the basic biological processes of the functioning of the animal (and human) organism, research related to treating animals and healthy food for animals and people. The results of the research are also translated into practice, thus enabling better lives for animals and people.


Functioning of Organisms in the Animal and Human Body

We unveil the secrets of the functioning of the animal and human body.


Development of new Methods of Treatment

We develop new, and improve old, methods of treatment in order to provide animals with the best possible help.


Disease Control

We control the spread of diseases, take care of safe food, and develop new methods with the aim of preventing diseases and ensuring safe food.

Slovenian Veterinary Research Journal

Original articles that cover the results of research from the majority of biomedical fields.

CSR Vremščica



The center, located in the Karst area, on the Vremščica Plateau, carries out education and research activities and is also known for the sustainable production of sheep's milk and excellent sheep's cheese.


liters of sheep milk

kg of sheep cheese


Lisica s plenom v gobcu

Wild Animals are a Good Indicator of Environmental Pollution

In foxes, we conducted the first study on the occurrence of poisons for rodent control in non-target species in Slovenia and the Western Balkans.

By treating dogs with spontaneous tumors, we made an important contribution to the development of a new gene therapy for cancer

The first gene therapy trial in Slovenia was approved to treat cancer patients to the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana. Entire development and…

Coronavirus – Disinfecting the Environment

Given that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can survive in a vicinity for at least a few days, it is advisable to always disinfect any potentially infected areas…

Coronavirus – recommendations for owners of domestic animals

Recommendations from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to owners of domestic animals in the event of infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Coronavirus – Customer Notification

In order to reduce the possibility of the onset and transmission of coronavirus, urgent changes have been made to our clinics in terms of their work.

Solata in meso
2. october 2023
Event, Education

A look into the flesh

27. february 2023

Endocrine disrupting chemicals ‒ our investigations of bisphenol A in the sheep model