Chiropractic Therapy

The Chiropractic Department of the Small Animal Clinic mainly accepts dogs and cats, however, treatment may also be arranged for other animal species.

Inspection and therapy are always carried out in the presence of the owner, as animals are never sedated or anaesthetised for therapy purposes. As this is purely manual therapy, no apparatus or instruments are used, except for the appropriate apparatus on which animals stand during therapy.

The purpose and aim of chiropractic therapy is to restore mobility to all joints in the spine. During a session the chiropractor identifies sites on the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC) and tries to restore them to a healthy state. Following an assessment and treatment of the spine, focus is also placed on the limbs (head, legs, tail).

Treatment of an animal using chiropractic therapy is most often advised by veterinarians, however, owners may also enquire at the Clinic for Small Animals regarding the suitability of this therapy for your animal's health problems. The most common indications that lead to chiropractic treatment being sought are difficulty in moving, getting up, lying down, previously diagnosed spinal or limb problems, postoperative conditions where chiropractic therapy contributes to faster and better recovery, problems with ligaments, dysplasia, Horner's syndrome, Wobbler syndrome, brachial plexus avulsion, sciatic neuralgia, spondylosis and muscular dystrophy. Chiropractic therapy is also widely used as an additional therapy for the relief of primary diseases and is commonly used in treating many internal diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, paranal gland problems, constant licking of the distal limbs, incontinence, and recurrent ear infections.

To make an appointment for a chiropractic examination and therapy please contact the reception of the Clinic for Small Animals on 01 4779 277 or the therapist on 040 348 088.