X-rays are used to show the various structures in the body, which are shown in the clinic using digital technology. X-ray examinations help when making a diagnosis, allow the monitoring of a disease or injury, and sometimes arouse suspicion of illness or injury. The investigation is quick and painless.


abdominal cavities  
evaluation of hip, elbow and shoulder joints for breeding licences  
examination of dislocated patella  
diascopic gastrointestinal passage monitoring  


Contrast tests

spinal canal (myelography)  
urinary tract  
digestive tract  


Breeding Licences

Dogs must be 12 months or over at the time of an X-ray for a breeding licence, if required by the breeding rules for each breed. This information is provided to you by those responsible for each breed at the Slovenian Kennel Club. Please ensure you bring your original pedigree certificate which includes your dog's microchip number. Dogs must not be fed, i.e. must have an empty stomach, on the day of the x-ray.

X-rays are evaluated by a commission at the Slovenian Veterinary Chamber, which will then send an original pedigree certificate by registered post for your dog, which includes the results and marks of the examination. As a rule, the Commission meets once a month.

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