Klinika za male živali

Small Animal Clinic

The Small Animal Clinic operates as part of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana.


The main work of the Small Animal Clinic (hereinafter: the SAC) is the healthcare of cats and dogs, however, as part of pedagogic work at the SAC it also carries out undergraduate and postgraduate education.

At the SAC a continuing education programme takes place in the field of Veterinary Medicine for Small Animals, and most of its employees are involved in continuing education for veterinarians. As part of the SAC’s research work, the majority of employees are also included in P4 0053 Programme Group.

24-hour on-call service

A 24-hour on-call service was introduced in 2011 at the SAC as the result of a demand from the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) for the on-call veterinary clinic in the process of evaluation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This means that an on-call veterinarian and students are permanently present at the clinic, which allows for 24-hour intensive care as well as the reception and treatment of cats and dogs in need of urgent veterinary care.


The SAC team consists of 20 doctors of veterinary medicine, of which nine are currently specialists in the treatment of dogs and cats and also international specialists in individual fields of medicine of small animals, a graduate chemical engineer, six veterinary technicians, a veterinary nurse, a chemical technician and sanitary technician, while a further six external associates – doctors of veterinary medicine - also cooperate with our team.


Specialist services

Internal Medicine

Cats and dogs with various diseases and conditions are brought to the Department for General Internal Medicine on a daily basis. Based on their needs, they are referred for further specialist examinations and treatment. Animals are also accepted that require pre-travel medical examinations or regular protective vaccinations. Advice is provided in a number of areas relating to the health of cats and dogs.

Surgery and Ophthalmology

At the Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology a variety of diagnostics and surgical treatment services are provided for soft tissue and skeletal disorders, ophthalmic examinations and treatment, oncology surgery, including collaboration with other clinics and institutes in Slovenia and further afield. The department performs about 450 procedures per year on dogs and cats, most of which require general anaesthesia, which is handled by a well-trained team of experts in the field of small animal medicine. The Surgery and Ophthalmology unit includes the fields of soft tissue surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology.

Anaesthesiology and Critical Care

The Department of Anaesthesiology, the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals, provides safe, professional, and individually tailored anaesthesia for each animal for surgical, dental, and diagnostic procedures.


A top-level veterinary dental practice that provides all kinds of services for the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, oral cavities and jaws.


The Department of Dermatology performs diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases of cats and dogs. Diagnostics includes skin parasites, cytologic tests, microbiological and allergological examinations (serological diagnostics and intradermal allergy testing), skin biopsies, haematologic and endocrinological examinations. Desensitisation procedures for patients with allergies are also carried out.


The Cardiology Outpatient Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals provides diagnostics and care for animals suffering from cardiovascular disease as well as consultations within the clinic and with referral veterinarians from Slovenia and beyond. The cardiology clinic carries out inspection of numerous species of animals (cats, dogs, large animals and exotic animals) with various cardiovascular conditions. These include both congenital and acquired heart and lung diseases, and cardiovascular examinations are also performed for the requirements of breeding permits.


Oncological diseases have been occurring more frequently in recent times as a result of the longer lifespan of pets and the increasingly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic methods in veterinary medicine. Oncology patients require an in-depth, but above all, holistic approach. The Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals of the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana is heavily involved in the oncology of cats and dogs. The clinic was the first in Slovenia to introduce electrochemotherapy and later electrogene therapy. Both treatments are performed under general anaesthesia, which is also required for endoscopic examinations and biopsies for pathohistological examination. Clinical activities include diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Infectious Diseases

The Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ljubljana deals with the prevention, detection and treatment of various infectious diseases, such as leptospirosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, chlamydiosis and others.

The prevention of infectious diseases includes general preventive measures and preventive vaccinations. The SAC diagnostic laboratory performs the testing of the following diseases or agents.


At the SAC chiropractic department, we mainly accept dogs and cats, but you can also arrange treatment for other animal species. Examinations and therapy are always carried out in the presence of the owner, as animals are never sedated or anaesthetised for therapy purposes. As this is purely manual therapy, no apparatus or devices are used, except for the appropriate base on which an animal stands during therapy.

Hospital Care

The hospital unit houses animals that, due to the nature of their illness, require longer-term or intensive care. Rooms for cats and dogs are separated so that patients do not get disturbed and agitated. There is also a completely separate infection unit that houses animals with infectious diseases. This ensures that such patients are treated in a completely separate manner, thus preventing any possible transmission of diseases to other animals.

Diagnostic Services


X-rays can be used to show various structures in the body, which are shown using digital technology. An x-ray is an examination that helps a diagnosis to be made, allows for monitoring of a disease or injury, and sometimes arouses suspicion of illness or injury. The investigation is quick and painless.


Ultrasound diagnostics began at the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals in 1989 and is nationally and internationally recognised for the quality of its ultrasound examinations. Patients are predominantly cats and dogs, as well as other small animals, and occasionally horses, cattle, goats, sheep or donkeys.


At the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals endoscopic examinations are performed of the upper and lower digestive, respiratory and partially urogenital tract. The procedures are minimally invasive and are performed under general anaesthesia.

Diagnostic Laboratory

The Diagnostic Laboratory of the Clinic for Surgery and Small Animals carries out numerous laboratory investigations of haematology, clinical biochemistry, urine, coagulation and rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases of cats and dogs. The laboratory also works with many other domestic and foreign laboratories to provide a wide range of investigations.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography is an advanced imaging technique in which accurate x-rays and a computer create accurate cross-sections and a three-dimensional image of the body.

Contacts and Working Hours

Head: Prof. dr. Nataša Tozon

Cesta v Mestni log 47

1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: 01 4779 277

Fax: 01 2832 304

Email: info@kmz.si

Important notice for customers

With effect from 1 June 2020, the Small Animal Clinic introduced regular opening hours, which means that all specialist clinics will be open according to the schedule during regular working hours.

When working with clients, the clinic follows the recommendations of the National Institute for Public Health for prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask and disinfect your hands when entering.

Examinations of animals take place on the premises of the clinic, without owners being present. 

To facilitate the organisation of work and limit the number of people, the clinic only accepts patients upon prior arrangement, except in the case of emergencies. Instructions for booking appointments can be found below.

Patients who have an appointment booked are given priority over those without a prior appointment, except in the case of emergencies that require immediate veterinary care.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you and your pets a pleasant visit to our clinic.

The Small Animal Clinic Team


Regular Working Hours



Admission of patients for procedures under anaesthesia 7.30am – 8.30am
General triage clinic  8am – 2pm
Specialist clinics 8.30am – 2pm
Diagnostic Laboratory 8am – 6pm
On-duty – afternoons 3pm – 7.30pm
On-duty – emergencies 7.30pm – 8am

From 2pm – 3pm we only accept emergency cases. 




General triage clinic 8am – 2pm
On-duty service 2pm – 12am




On-duty service 24hrs per day

To make an appointment for specialist clinics, please call the reception of the Small Animal Clinic on +386 (0)1 4779 277.

In the event of an emergency, you can contact the on-duty emergency clinic 24 hours a day on +386 (0)30 716 190.

Customers may make appointments for non-urgent examinations by calling Small Animal Clinic reception (01 4779 277) or by sending an e-mail  info@kmz.si during regular working hours. We will call you to schedule the appointment.

Patients should be referred through online patient referrals.  

For patients for non-urgent referral (for all those who do not call us when submitting the online form), we will set a date for when the patient should be brought to the Small Animal Clinic. We will inform you of the date within 2 working days in the manner specified in the referral. The date is set according to the current waiting list, which in principle is within 1-7 days of receipt of the referral, depending on the department. Should you require information about the date in advance, please call us when submitting the online form.

In the event of referrals for urgent patients, please call us immediately upon referral (submission of the online form)

We review emails regularly on weekdays.
Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy.

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Completed and printed forms should be sent together with samples to:

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Small Animal Clinic - reception
Cesta v Mestni log 47, SI-1000 Ljubljana


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Sample reception
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