The Cardiology Outpatient Department of the Small Animal Clinic provides diagnostics and care for animals suffering from cardiovascular disease, and consultations within the clinic and with referring veterinarians from Slovenia and beyond.

The Cardiology Outpatient Department examines many species of animals (dogs, cats, large animals, exotic animals) with a variety of cardiovascular conditions. These include both congenital and acquired heart and lung diseases, and cardiovascular examinations are also carried out for breeding permits.

A typical check-up includes

physical examination  
chest x-ray  
blood pressure measurement  
ultrasound examination of the heart including a Doppler test  

Twenty-four hour or multi-day ECGs may be performed, if necessary, to detect arrhythmia. The clinic also provides advice based on images received (x-rays, ECG, etc.). These tests are performed on the same day for most patients, and the results of the examinations are sent to the referring veterinarians the same day.

Intervention services

implantation of pacemakers  


Diagnostic procedure for lung patients

bronchoalveolar lavage  


Cardiac examinations are performed between Mondays and Fridays. To book an appointment for a cardiac examination/pulmonary examination/ultrasound diagnostics please call reception on 01 4779 277. Cases that cannot wait for the first available appointment are accepted at the internist department every day without prior agreement. In the event of an emergency please call the 24-hour helpline on 030 716 190.