Klinika za zdravstveno varstvo in rejo konj

Clinic for Breeding and Health Care of Horses

Horse healthcare is provided by the Clinic for Horses, while the breeding, i.e. selection, of horses is carried out by the Department for the Selective Breeding of Equidae.


The Clinic for the Breeding and Healthcare of Horses performs diagnostics, treatment, prevention of horse diseases, and provides advice for breeders and veterinarians. The Department for the Selective Breeding of Equidae issues identification documents, maintains a central register of equidae, herd books and performs professional tasks in the livestock industry in the field of horse breeding.


Research activity at the clinic is carried out within programme groups and as part of various national and international projects.


Clinic for Horses

Diseases and injuries of limbs

Diagnosis and therapy of diseases and injuries of limbs:

  • special systematic examination and diagnostics of diseases using conductive and local anaesthesia, ultrasound diagnostics, x-ray diagnostics, comprehensive neurological examinations and diagnostics of neurological diseases of horses
  • use of modern methods: pneumatic waves (ESWT) and regenerative treatments (stem cells, platelet-rich plasma PRP, IRAP…), orthopaedic surgery.
Respiratory diseases

Diagnosis and therapy of respiratory diseases:

  • endoscopic examinations of the respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract, bronchoalveolar lung sampling, ultrasound and x-ray diagnostics of respiratory diseases, specialist treatment of upper respiratory tract and lung diseases.
Gastrointestinal diseases

Diagnosis and therapy of gastrointestinal diseases:

  • special systematic gastrointestinal examinations, probing, rectal examinations, ultrasound examinations of the gastrointestinal tract
  • comprehensive diagnostic examinations of the urinary tract for treating urgent cases of gastrointestinal colic in horses
Diseases of the urogenital system

Diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the urogenital system:

  • special systematic examinations of the kidney and bladder, ultrasound diagnostics, hospital treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the urogenital system
Horse sports medicine
Internal diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of internal horse diseases: 

  • dental diseases
  • skin diseases
  • diseases of the endocrine glands
  • foal diseases

Performing surgery on horses under general anesthesia.


Izvajanje nujnih kirurških posegov zunaj rednega delovnega časa.

Emergency standby telephone number (October to May): 

+386 (0)51 613 350

24-hour inpatient treatment

24-hour inpatient treatment during the education process.

Department for the Selective Breeding of Equidae

Following a decision by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food, Veterinary and Plant Protection, the Department for the Selective Breeding of the Equidae with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has been designated as the body for issuing identification documents for equidae for breeding and use and for keeping the central register of equidae.



Prof. Dr. Janko Mrkun

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