Bolnišnična nega

Hospital Care

The hospital unit houses animals which, due to the nature of their illness, require longer-term or intensive care.

The areas for cats and dogs are separated so that patients do not get unduly agitated or stressed.

There is also a completely separate infection unit that houses animals with infectious diseases. This is to ensure that such patients are treated in a completely separate manner, thus preventing any possible transmission of the disease to other animals. At the hospital we are aware that cats are special patients who sometimes tolerate hospitalisation less well, which may lead to their recovery being slowed down, thus special attention is paid to their habits, needs and requirements. We try to adapt a stay at the hospital according to a cat’s character by equipping and enriching the area and giving them as much attention as they want and allow. If your pet is being treated for a chronic illness, the hospital also provides accommodation during owners’ holidays in cases where animals cannot be taken to a cat or dog ‘hotel’ due to their daily treatment.


The hospital accommodates animals which:

are recovering from various surgical procedures  
need long-term treatment  
are critically ill  
and/or need intensive care  

In addition, animals are hospitalised during advanced diagnostic procedures, as are patients undergoing oncological chemotherapy. Patients are monitored at the hospital for 24 hours; in addition to the hospital veterinarian and technician, they are also taken care of by students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine who are in the final years(s) of their study and are doing work experience at the hospital. The hospital staff tailor care to each patient.