Inštitut za perutnino, ptice, male sesalce in plazilce

Institute of Poultry, Birds, Small Mammals and Reptiles

The institute, as part of different subunits, performs disease diagnostics and solves health problems in intensive poultry breeding and in birds.


Poultry farming is one of the most important livestock industries in Slovenia. The Institute of Poultry, Birds, Small Mammals and Reptiles, as part of various subunits, performs disease diagnostics and solves health problems in intensive poultry breeding and in birds. These animals are possible carriers of very contagious diseases and zoonoses, hence this forms the main focus of the institute’s pedagogical, scientific and professional work.

Birds, small mammals and reptiles are diagnosed and treated at the Clinic for Birds, Small Mammals and Reptiles, which operates within the institute. In addition to domestic animal species, the clinic inspects, cares for and treats wildlife, most commonly birds, as well as certain reptile and mammal species. These animals are provided with a variety of treatments for their care and advanced diagnostics. The institute deepens and transfers its knowledge to veterinary medicine students and veterinarians, as well as to the general public, by contributing to various domestic and foreign congresses and journal publications. It also cooperates with renowned local and foreign experts in various fields (veterinary, biology, medicine) in order to deepen, improve and expand knowledge.


The guiding principle of our research is concern for the maintenance of animal and human health. The focus is on the study of diseases transmitted from animals to humans and diseases that were not prevalent in Slovenia in the past or their significance was negligible. An important part of the institute’s work is focused on research into the economics of significant poultry diseases, their epidemiology and prevention options. The research work programme is extremely interdisciplinary, which is why it includes collaboration with colleagues from other research institutions in Slovenia and abroad.


Clinical services

Expert advice

On the basis of knowledge and a wide range of diagnostic tests, the institute provides expert advice and solutions for health and technological problems in poultry production.

Preparation of preventative vaccinations programmes

The prevention of poultry diseases is largely based on preventative vaccinations: there are various vaccines available for viral, bacterial and certain parasitic diseases. Protective vaccinations should be based primarily on the knowledge of the epizootiological situation, the selection of appropriate vaccines and the correct methods of their application.

Field trials of medicine

Field trials of poultry medicinal products are organised and conducted for the purpose of registering medicinal products.

Laboratory services

Molecular methods

A wide range of molecular methods are used to identify viral and certain bacterial pathogens in poultry, birds, small mammals and reptiles.

Serological tests

Antibodies against viruses and bacteria are determined through various serological methods. The antibodies are determined primarily in poultry and bird sera for the purpose of determining pathogens, as well as for checking the success of protective vaccinations. Serological diagnosis of leptospirosis infections is performed for all types of animals.

Virological tests

Isolation, titration and virus typing and isolation on chicken embryos.

Bacteriological tests

Isolation and determination of leptospira in all animal species and chlamydia in poultry and birds.

Epidemiological monitoring

Control of infectious agents in poultry and birds.

Pathomorphological examinations

Performing pathomorphological diagnostics of poultry, birds, small mammals and reptiles.



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