The Small Animal Clinic was established in 1989 and is nationally and internationally recognised for the quality of its ultrasound examinations. Patients at the clinic are predominantly dogs and cats, including other small animals, and occasionally horses, cattle, goats, sheep or donkeys.

Diagnostics performed:

  • ultrasound examinations of the abdominal cavity
  • ultrasound examinations of superficial tissues
  • ultrasound examinations of the chest
  • ultrasound eye examinations
  • screening cats for polycystic kidney disease
  • fine-needle aspiration biopsies of organs and tissues
  • ultrasound-guided biopsies

Ultrasound examinations are performed on weekdays between 8am and 3pm, and outside these hours for emergencies. To make an appointment please call 01 4779 277 from 8am to 7pm on weekdays and from 8am to 1:30pm on Saturdays. Appointments can be made during the week in the morning or afternoon; the waiting period is seven days. In the event of an emergency, please call 090 60 22 (24-hour helpline).