Interna medicina

Internal medicine

The Department of General Internal Medicine accepts cats and dogs with various illnesses on a daily basis and refers them for further specialist examinations and treatment as needed. It also accepts animals in need of travel health checks or regular protective vaccinations and can provide advice on the healthcare of cats and dogs.

General internal examinations of cats and dogs


Referrals for specialist examinations and treatment

Cardiology Department  
Dermatology Department  
Oncology Department  
Diagnostics Department  
Hospital Animal Care Department  
Surgery and Opthalmology Department  
Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department  
Physiotherapy Department  
Chiropractic Department  



Dogs: combination vaccination  
Cats: combination vaccination, feline leukemia vaccination, rabies vaccination  
Determination of titre rabies antibody  


Diagnostics and Treatment

Urinary infections  
Gastrointestinal infections  
Hormonal disorders (defects in the working of the thyroid, adrenal, and sex glands, diabetes, etc.)  
Infectious diseases  
Inhalation treatment of upper respiratory tracts infections in cats and small dogs  
Monitoring cats and dogs with chronic diseases (e.g. epilepsy diabetes)  


Transfusion Medicine

You are invited to register your animal in our  blood donor base and, in doing so, help to save many lives.


Nutrition Advice

Consultations in collaboration with animal nutrition experts  
Sale of specialised commercial veterinary diet food  
Creating individual diets for animals with special nutritional needs  

Want to know more about the suitability of raw food for dogs? 


Advice in the field of reproduction

Determination of sexual cycle stage in bitches  
Determining the optimal mating time of bitches  
Prevention of pregnancy in bitches and dogs  

It is not necessary to make an appointment at the Department for General Internal Medicine, however, it is recommended that you call 01 4779 277 prior to non-urgent visits to enquire about the current waiting time.