NVI Ljubljana

The Ljubljana unit carries out professional, operational and development activities.


Determining the cause of death

The cause of death is determined on the request of animal owners, veterinary services, official veterinarians and other interested persons. Samples are taken for further diagnostic examination when necessary. Information on the circumstances of the death is very important for the diagnosis and course of the dissection. Identifying the cause of death and taking appropriate action helps to prevent the spread of disease among animals as well as the transmission from animals to humans, thereby reducing economic damage and providing for human health.

Veterinary hygiene service

The unit has an organised veterinary hygiene service, where, in the area it covers, it removes dead animals and transports them to the cadaver collection point and takes care of their harmless destruction. From the point of view of preventing the spread of the disease to both animals and humans, this service is of the utmost importance as removal eliminates the source of the potential infection. It is also an important aspect of protecting the environment, as removing dead animals prevents water, soil and feed contamination.


Gerbičeva 60
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Head: Dr. Tomislav Paller

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Faks: 01 283 40 91

Email: tomislav.paller@vf.uni-lj.si