Preventing the Extinction of the Dinaric-SE Alpine Lynx Population Through Reinforcement and Long-term Conservation

LIFE Lynx/ LIFE16 NAT/SI/000634

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Member of UL

Veterinary Faculty  

Name of the leading partner

Slovenia Forest Service  



Project code/ Projet No.

LIFE Lynx/ LIFE16 NAT/SI/000634  

Project Title

Preventing the Extinction of the Dinaric-SE Alpine Lynx Population Through Reinforcement and Long-term Conservation  

Project period

01.07.2017 – 31.03.2024  

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Leader Diana Žele Vengušt  

Scientific field

Life sciences  


Slovenia Forest Service
Hunters Association of Slovenia
Technical University in Zvolen
University of Ljubljana
Progetto Lince Italia
Karlovac University of Applied Sciences
Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation
Association for the Biological Diversity Conservation
Veterinarski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Arma dei carabinieri – Comando Unità Tutela Forestale, Ambientale e Agroalimentare
Association BIOM


Project phases


Project description

LIFE Lynx project’s primary objective is rescuing the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population from extinction and to preserve it in the long term.

Currently, the population is small, isolated, and extremely inbred. It urgently needs reinforcement by introducing additional, healthy animals from another population. We will reinforce the Dinaric-SE Alpine population with lynx from the viable source population in the Carpathians, while maintaining high public support. We will collaborate across all EU countries sharing this population to develop and implement a systematic approach to ensure long-term viability of the reinforced population. We will work closely with core stakeholders to further develop partnerships and to ensure broad public acceptance of lynx conservation. We aim to develop science-based management tools for strategic planning to ensure long-term viability of lynx. These include using computer modelling based on data from the project to understand how to genetically and demographically manage the population for the long term. This scientific information will be incorporated into management plans and other strategic documents. Another objective is to improve population connectivity for lynx. Natural gene flow of lynx within this population will be increased, in order to avoid additional reintroductions in the future. Such a metapopulation will help reduce negative impacts of habitat fragmentation and will reverse genetic deterioration across entire Dinaric-SE Alpine population.


Structure of the project group