Identification of genetic and metabolic properties of fatty pig breeds – case of Krškopolje pig





General Data


Member of UL

Veterinary Faculty


Name of the leading partner

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije)




Project code/ Projet No.


Project Title

Identification of genetic and metabolic properties of fatty pig breeds – case of Krškopolje pig (Task 2: Epigenetic, metabolic and product (meat, fat) quality characterisation)  



Project period

1. 10. 2021 - 30. 9. 2024  

Yearly sum of FTE

0,43 FTE  

Leader on VF

Milka Vrecl Fazarinc  

Scientific field



The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS)
University of Ljubljana
-    Biotechnical Faculty
-    Veterinary Faculty

Project members VF

Marko Cotman, Milka Vrecl Fazarinc, Gregor Fazarinc, Jana Brankovič, Malan Štrbenc, Matjaž Uršič  



Project description

The main objectives of the project are genotype-phenotype association study in Krškopolje pig, genetic variability assessment of Krškopolje pig population at genomic level (the distribution and frequency of structural polymorphisms) and a comparison of modern breed and fatty Krškopolje pig at epigenetic, metabolic and product (meat, fat) qualitative level including the study of the response of both breeds to different amounts of protein in the diet.

Partner UL-VF (together with KIS) takes part in the experiments including a comparison between a modern breed selected for leanness and a fatty local breed Krškopolje pig in epigenetics, metabolism, and product quality (meat, fat). Partner UL-VF is responsible for gene expression analyses and characterization of the tissues (skeletal muscle, fat) using histological and immunohistochemical analyses. Gene expression analysis of subcutaneous fat tissue and muscles will be performed using selected candidate genes approach and via sequencing RNA (RNA-seq) on the pooled samples. Histological samples will be analysed for metabolic and contractile status of skeletal muscle and lipids in fat and muscle tissue will be histomorphometrically assessed.