NVI Unit Novo Mesto

Šmarješka cesta 2, Novo Mesto

tel.: +386 7 332 5117

fax.: +386 7 332 4403

  • Employees

    mag. Martina Žagar, vodja enote, vodja laboratorija martina.zagar@vf.uni-lj.si tel.: +386 7 393 1751, gsm: +386 41 740 807
    Anita Vraničar Novak, namestnica vodje, zdravstveno varstvo čebel anita.vranicar@vf.uni-lj.si tel.: +386 7 393 1755, gsm: +386 41 649 495
    Tatjana Cujnik tatjana.cujnik@vf.uni-lj.si tel.: +386 7 332 5117
    Mevlida Faljič mevlida.faljic@vf.uni-lj.si tel.: +386 7 332 5117
    Jože Zupančič joze.zupancic@vf.uni-lj.si tel.: +386 7 332 5117
    Veterinary Hygienists
    Jožef Anton vhs.muhaber@gmail.com gsm: +386 51 378 086
    Hrvoje Mozetič vhs.muhaber@gmail.com gsm: +386 31 378 086
    Jože Prhne vhs.muhaber@gmail.com gsm: +386 51 645 773
    Peter Sokolovič vhs.muhaber@gmail.com gsm: +386 51 693 86
    Mirko Šmit vhs.muhaber@gmail.com gsm: +386 41 645 772

  • Unit Activity

    The Novo Mesto unit (ENM) is a regional unit of the National Veterinary Institute (NVI), which performs routine laboratory tests and activities in the field of healthcare of bees in the areas of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Posavje.
    In the described geographical area the unit also conducts veterinary hygiene services (VHS).
    In the context of these activities the nnit collects dead and euthanised animals from the yards of breeders of domestic animals. This ensures the integrity of the environment as carcasses are collected daily from the yards of breeders who register animal deaths.
    The unit carries out work under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, and the Ministry of Health, for the purpose of veterinary, market and health inspections, and for the needs of animal owners.
    The reliability of the unit’s results are proven with the acquired accreditation (PT-021) from the Slovenian accreditation service.


  • Education

        • practitioners in the field of health care of bees, and laboratory diagnostics, carry out education and counselling for animals owners.
        • At ENM, students of the 11th semester of the Veterinary Faculty can carry out 14 daily professional practices.

  • Research

    Professionals working in the field of the health care of bees collaborate in the following research tasks:

        • Varroa – determining the resistance to medicines
        • Determining of phytopharmaceutical products on pollen

  • Professional Work

    The ENM Laboratory carries out routine microbiological, serological and parasitological investigations.

    Microbiological testing includes:

        • Microbiological tests of food
        • Microbiological and mycological tests of environmental samples and clinical material (milk and other excretions, swabs, secretions, hair)
        • Microbiological tests of honey and identifying the causes of bacterial diseases of bees

    Serological testing includes:

        • Serological tests on brucellosis 

    Parasitological testing includes:

        • koprološke tests of excrement
        • tests of muscle systems for the larva Trichinella spiralis
        • testing for the presence of pathogens of parasitic diseases of bees (pršičavost , nozemoza, tropileloza, mali panjski hrošček)

    The ENM laboratory also carries out calibration of pipettes for the needs of the Veterinary Faculty.


    Professionals working in the field of the health care of bees carry out the following activities:

        • identifying and treatment of bee diseases
        • taking samples in the field for checking of infectious bee diseases