National Veterinary Institute

Gerbičeva 60, LJUBLJANA

tel.: +386 1 4779 117

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A special internal organisational unit of the National Veterinary Institute (NVI) operates under the auspices of the Veterinary Faculty. This unit carries out, within the context of a professional institution, public veterinary services, as required by the European Union.

These NVI activities are defined in the Law on Veterinary Medicine and the Law on Veterinary Compliance, representing mainly: laboratory testing on animal material, food and raw materials for the diagnosis of infectious animal diseases and other animal diseases, medical assessment of foods of animal origin, animal feed, water for watering, and other products, the implementation of pathomorphological diagnosis, implementation of veterinary hygiene services, preparation of expertise planning measures for health care of animals and ensuring the safety of food and animal feed, monitoring the health status of animals and reproduction by insemination of animals at a national level, monitoring the health status and treatment of bees and fish, the implementation of disinfection, disinsection and deratisation (DDD).
NVI carries out activities of authorised, named and national reference laboratories. Designated laboratories are responsible for the investigation of official samples, with which each year it carries out regulatory controls of animal health, animal products and animal feed.
Within the NVI there are 30 national reference laboratories. Operation of these national reference laboratories comprises professional and consultation activities. These are mainly: checking results of laboratory tests by carrying out comparative tests and co-ordination of methodological procedures, organisation and implementation of intralaboratory and interlaboratory control, the development and introduction of new laboratory methods for the diagnosis of animal diseases and analytics of residues of environmental contaminants and other investigations of raw materials, food and animal feed, intervention of new veterinary medicine achievements, new procedures and methods of professional work.
Designated and national NVI laboratories ensure the reliability of their results with standardised operations, and compliance with standards which are defined in the criteria for the operation of testing laboratories (EN/ISO EC 17025). These demonstrate the compliance of operations with an acquired accreditation certificate (PT-021), the Slovenian Accreditation (SA).
Units of NVI are located throughout Slovenia: in: Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, Maribor, Ptuj, Celje, Novo Mesto, Naklo, Nova Gorica.
Routine laboratory tests, providing pathomorphological diagnostics, veterinary hygiene services and the health care of fish and bees is carried out in seven regional units, other activities are performed in units located in Ljubljana.