System of Quality Management in accordance with the standard – SIST ISO/IEC 17025

One of the organisational units of the Veterinary Faculty is the National Veterinary Institute, under which a number of laboratories operate in carrying out testing in a regulated area. Accreditation is required for the conduct of testing in a regulated area and is the basis for acquiring the title by the competent ministry and is a pre-requisite for the functioning of designated national laboratories of the National Veterinary Institute whilst, simultaneously, accreditation increases customer confidence in the results of testing and the quality of the faculty’s work.

The Veterinary Faculty therefore introduced the management system according to the requirements of standard ISO 17025 for the conduct of laboratory testing. As far back as the year 2002 the faculty acquired accreditation from the Dutch Accreditation Service (Raad voor Accreditatie – RvA), and the Slovenian Accreditation Service (SA). It gained an accreditation document which is formal recognition of competence to perform certain activities and confirms that the faculty operates in accordance with the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005. Following the signing of an agreement on mutual recognition of accreditation, the accreditation is maintained and expanded according to the national accreditation service (SA). The scope of the accreditation is expanded annually in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 882/2004 and the needs of customers. The list of accredited methods can be seen in the document ‘Annex to the Accreditation Certificate LP-021’, the actual details of the activities of the partially-flexible scope are found in the document ‘List of the methods with specified uncertain/border methods’ (Annex B to the PK VF). Both these annexes are available via the link at the top of the page.

Accreditation procedures are carried out by the following organisational units: Institute of Food Hygiene and Bromatology; Institute of Microbiology and Parasitology; Institute for Hygiene and Pathology of Animal Nutrition; Institute for Health Care of Poultry; Institute for Health Care of Pigs; Institute of Pathology, Forensic and Administrative Veterinary Medicine; National Veterinary Institute: Unit for Food of Animal Origin, Unit for Diagnostics of Infectious and Other Animal Diseases, Unit for Pathology of Animal Nutrition and Environmental Hygiene, Unit Maribor-Ptuj, Unit Novo mesto, Unit Nova Gorica, Unit Celje, Unit Kranj, and Unit Murska Sobota.

With the Rules of the Quality of the Veterinary Faculty, the faculty is committed to ensuring the quality of its methods of work of all its employees. It accepts the political and quality targets which are prescribed by the standard ISO17025 and has established an organisational structure, responsibilities, processes and procedures required for achieving and maintaining the level of quality of its services.

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